County Limerick Beekeepers' Association


Events and records of things that have happened more than about one year ago. There is a separate archive for the Association Apiary


The Association attends Cappamore Show:

Here are photos from a very sucessful outing at the Cappamore show last Saturday promoting the beekeeping craft, lead by Frank Corbett and ably assisted by Liam Arrigan, Sean O'Mochain and Gus McCoy.

A display hive was provided on the day, made and stocked by Joe Harney one of our new members. A magnificent feat when you think that Joe only commenced beekeeping in the last 12 months.

Display. Display.
Our Display

Chairman Sean O'Mochain, Secretary Gus McCoy and Treasurer Liam Arrigan

Team leader for the day, Frank Corbett replaces Sean in this photo

From the inside, a wider view of the display

Limerick Show

On the weekend of 24th and 25th August a group of members led by Conan attended the Limerick Show.

Presentations at Gormanston

It was announced on the last meeting before the summer break that our vice-chairman, Conan Mc Donnell and good friend of the Association, Irene Power would be giving a presentations at Gormanston. Conan's presentation was on bee-morphometry. A round of applause for both was given.

Photos from the Preliminary Exam at the Association Apiary:

Please navigate to the Association Apiary page to see photos taken at the Association Apiary on the day of the FIBKA Preliminary Examination.