'Between Ourselves'

Mutual Assistance within our Association

Honey Extractor:

The Association has purchased an extractor for use by members, please use one of the following links to view the guidance document:

Equipment etc. for Sale/Exchange?

(Members Only)

If you have equipment or other beekeeping-related items for sale or exchange and wish to place them on the Done Deal or similar website please send us by email westlimkbees@gmail.com details of your ad and we will post a link to it on this site.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to give or receive things free of charge to and from members or other local people there is also a Limerick branch of Freecycle. Please then visit Freecycle in order, first of all, to sign up and then to post your offer/request. Once you have done this.

For Those in Need of Bees:

Please navigate to the form below -
As and when nuc's become available they will be provided to members on a first-come, first-served basis using the order form. The price for nuc's is determined each year in March. As a guide, the price in 2023 was €250 and the charge for queens was €55. Please note that the current market price for nuc's is about €250 and you have to supply a empty Nuc and 6 Frames & Foundation. Given the very poor summer of 2023, the market price may be even higher. All proceeds from sales of nuc's and queens will go toward improving the Association Apiary and help with the running costs of the association.